November 2017

Questions from November Webinar

1:56 Who gets to participate in capital rasing?

15:55 Secured income strategies

20:19 Reg A plus process

30:00 How do you plan to sell your product?

47:59 Do I need Finra registration for a Reg D portal? Do I have to be a brokered dealer for the Reg D 506C portal?

56:10 Evolution of secured real estate income strategies?

October 2017

Questions from October Webinar

4:30 What is the history of Cryptocurrancy ?

9:15 Where is all this money coming from?

14:26 What is and ICO? And the diffrence between ICO and IPO and why do I care?

17:00 When does my ICO need to be managed by the FCC and when does it not?

17:50 Example of a utility token?

24:30 Ways you can do an ICO?

30:10 What is the moavation for adding cryptocurrancy? What do you expect to gain?

46:40 What utility does the time token serve?

55:45 How does connecting a coin to my company provide value to the world?

September 2017

Questions from September Webinar

02:15 What do you see from the industry?

03:47 Update of how much was invested in each

04:26 The types of companies that were raising money

05:33 What companies are gonna have success?

07:06 Take on the industry right now

09:35 Connecting those dots where real estate is inherently local

12:01 Returns on a real estate deal

16:21 The 80/20 rule

17:56 What is DAP ?

21:48 Home automation

25:30 Giving you ownership of your digital life back

27:51 Deciding what is that minimum

30:09 Was your strategy to launch and to establish your brand

32:20 How do I translate that into my business

37:45 Thinking about what can I do for my specific clientele

41:51 Your most critical activities that you would repeat

57:30 The securities a lot of restrictions on resale

61:27 Cryptocurrency blockchain and icos and how it’s impacting crowdfunding

May 2017

Questions from May Webinar

1:06. Story of advertiser, YayYo who got in trouble with the SEC or FINRA

8:51 When can you touch the money from a 506c see if it’s going to be used for a reg A plus raise

13:21 Confusion in the marketplace about crowdfunding

19:31. A little bit about 506B

20:39 The use of credit cards to fund securities purchases

26:24 Are the aggregated sites that show portals restricted in any way for showing and saying something about the offerings

30:04 If my website allows people to create a campaign is that crowdfunding

32:25 How do I make my website or raise legal

35:25: Can an investor be an employee in the deal

37:03 Who checks the compliance of the requirements under regulation a plus

38:07 What constitutes AML or anti-money laundering

39:26 Talking about testing the waters

45:54 Is there a legal difference between a platform and they portal

48:22 Can a regulation A+ securities be liquidated in the secondary market

50:08 How soon could a 506C or B be liquidated

50:45 Are there any legal parameters on how long a raise can be live

April 2017

Questions from April Webinar

1:15 What do they need to do to prepare?

8:25 What are the top three things reg A plus applicants need to be prepared for, for their FINRA approval?

11:45 What is the timeline you’re seeing for reviews?

13:20 What are the most common mistakes you see being made?

15:40 Talking about the financial Choice act?

18:37 How does an initial round get affected by crowdfunding rounds?

23:50 What’s the guideline difference between a CF raise and a regulation D?

26:35 What are The SEC financial requirements for CF classification?

29:20 If you’re already publicly traded can you crowdfund?

30:43 Can Canadian companies crowdfund in the US?

30:55 Can you crowdfund and still not become a public company if you want to stay private?

31:42 Outside of real estate what verticals do you see most used for crowdfunding?

32:55 When I got marked the laws around directly soliciting investors?

35:00 What are the legal obligations of an equity crowdfunding site?

36:35 Success fees?

37:25 Clarification on regulation D

43:17 Legal fees and PPM’s versus template PPM’s?

50:25 Do you see regulations open for more people to get paid for different roles?
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